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Cisco SPA3102 1-Port Router with 1 Phone and one FXO Port

Výrobce: Cisco

Kód: 324812

PartNumber: SPA3102-EU

PartNumber 2: K340952

EAN: 4260039344179

Váha: 1.3 kg

Obvyklá dodací lhůta: 30 (dny)

Záruční lhůta: 12 (měsíce) ... více informací

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Záruční lhůta EU: 12 (měsíce)

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Návod Jiný

Voice Gateway with Router
Intelligent Call Routing Gateway Solution for VoIP

   * Toll Quality Voice and Carrier-Grade Feature Support
   * Large-Scale Deployment and Management
   * Ironclad Security

The SPA3102 features the ability to connect standard telephones and fax machines to IP-based data networks with the additional benefit of an integrated connection for legacy telephone network "hop-on, hop-off" applications.
SPA3102 users will be able to leverage their broadband phone service more than ever by automatically routing local calls from mobile phones and land lines over to VoIP service providers and vice versa.
If power is lost to the unit or Internet service is down, calls can be redirected to a traditional carrier via the FXO interface.

A user calling from a mobile phone or land line will be able to reduce and even eliminate international and long distance telephone charges by first calling their SPA3102 via a local telephone number.
The advanced authentication and call routing intelligence programmed into the SPA3102 will route the call via the Internet to the far end destination.
In addition, when using the SPA3102 at the far end, VoIP calls placed to that location can be either answered or further processed and routed on as a local call to any legacy land line or mobile phone.

The SPA3102 supports one RJ-11 POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) FXS port to connect an existing analog phone or fax machine.
The SPA3102 also supports one PSTN FXO port to connect to a Telco or PBX circuit.
The SPA3102 includes 2 100BaseT RJ-45 Ethernet interfaces to connect to a home or office LAN, as well as an Ethernet connection to a broadband modem or router.
The SPA3102 FXS and FXO lines can be independently configured via software controlled by the service provider or the end user.

Installed by the end user and remotely provisioned, configured and maintained by the service provider, each SPA3102 converts voice traffic into data packets for transmission over an IP network.
Compact in design, the SPA3102 can be used in consumer and business VoIP service offerings including a full-featured IP Centrex environment.
The SPA3102 uses international standards for voice and data networking for reliable voice and fax operation.

Toll Quality Voice and Carrier-Grade Feature Support
The SPA3102 delivers clear, high-quality voice communication in diverse network conditions.
Excellent voice quality in a demanding IP network is consistently achieved via our advanced implementation of standard voice coding algorithms.
The SPA3102 is interoperable with common telephony equipment like voicemail, Fax, PBX, and interactive voice response systems.

Large-Scale Deployment and Management
The SPA3102 offers all the key features and capabilities which service providers can provide customized VoIP services to their subscribers.
The SPA3102 can be remotely provisioned and supports dynamic, in-service software upgrades.
A secure profile upload saves providers the time, expense, and hassle of managing and pre-configuring or re-configuring customer premise equipment (CPE) for deployment.

Ironclad Security
Linksys understands that security for end users and service providers is a fundamental requirement for a solid, carrier-grade telephony service.
The SPA3102 supports secure, standard encryption-based methods for communication, provisioning and servicing.

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